Why Use A Property Stylist When Selling?

Why Use A Property Stylist When Selling? An image can paint a thousand words and when it comes to selling your property first impressions and photography are vital to engaging buyers and creating an emotional sale which can add thousands of dollars to the result. Specialists claim that the average return on home styling is $3 for every $1 dollar spent, but in some cases, it can be thousands.

Styling your property enables buyers to see the advantages of your home and it allows them to see your home at its absolute best. Clutter in the house is a significant distraction to buyers and an empty home many buyers find difficult in creating a connection, or true sizing of rooms. Styling your home may mean shifting your belongings into storage but it will make a huge difference on the emotional connection a buyer creates with the property and ultimately home much they feel it’s worth.

Styling will also massively improve the photography used to present your home when it comes to marketing. Typically, a vacant property doesn’t display well in photographs, especially if it’s up against robust competition. A beautifully styled home doubled with good photography will allow you to stand out from your competition and gain more attention.

Our skilled team can tailor a styling package based on your budget and property needs, every job we do is completely unique. Our stylist can meet you one on one for a styling consultation to discuss recommendations on work like painting and colour schemes prior to selling and then once you are ready to go, we able to provide you with a detailed quote and style your property top to bottom.