More Than Ever

Selling or renting out your home is a pretty stressful situation no matter what market you are in. But in a world of economic uncertainty and fragile property markets, homeowners are finding it increasingly stressful, especially faced with the restrictions placed around inspections and property viewings.

Those looking to sell or rent out their property are faced with a market that is more competitive than ever and for that reason they need to go to lengths that were not necessary a few months ago in order to make their homes stand out and engage with the market place. With the restrictions placed on open homes, and new processes implemented around property viewings and virtual viewings, property styling is now more than ever an essential element of your marketing campaign.

For a property to stand out and engage with buyers in the current market, it is important to have the property looking its absolute best. This is because selling property is now based on the marketing quality and content, meaning the photos, floorplans, video and amount of detailed description. All of these are necessary to engage with buyers in a market where viewing possibilities are harder. In order to have stand out marketing and truly showcase a new dream home to a buyer, styling is essential. Styling shows the buyers the true space of the property, its potential and the lifestyle that is on offer. Effective styling of a property enables a buyer to not only see but to feel all these elements, which is why each one of our displays are carefully designed to capture the buyer’s attention and connect with them emotionally.

As such, here are our top 5 tips if you are planning on putting your property on the market:

  • First impressions are everything:

Buyers are currently restricted to finding their dream home or next property on the internet. For them to want to privately inspect the property, or even do a drive by, the marketing must engage with them first. If it does, don’t give the drivers an excuse to just drive by. You want to make sure that the curb appeal is inviting enough for people to want to see inside the home. Make sure all entrances are uncluttered, warm and welcoming. Invest some money in your front garden or put some potted plants by your front door. Make sure the house numbers are clearly visible.

  • Clear the clutter and clean:

Clutter makes rooms look smaller and distracts buyers from seeing the beauty of the space. Buyers can easily become distracted by your story, so pack away family photos, excess books, clothes and trinkets. Once you have decluttered, clean like you have never cleaned before.

  • Neutralise your walls:

Potential buyers won’t be able to visualise themselves living in your home if the walls are bright, patterned or simply in too many colours. Don’t give them the excuse or option to just click by to the next property. Paint them in light, neutral colours and introduce colour through the styling; with rugs, cushions, throws and artwork.

  • Maximize space:

As well as certain carpets and paint choices making rooms look smaller, too much furniture, or furniture which is too big, will also make a room feel cramped. This is where seeking the advice and assistance of a stylist can be important.

  • Pay close attention to the kitchen:

It is one of the most important rooms in the house for most buyers and its condition can often make or break a sale. Buyers often dread the expense of a kitchen remodel, however in many cases an inexpensive cosmetic face-lift can make it look nearly new. This can be achieved with a fresh coat of paint or replacing the cabinetry doors or fixtures.

Buyers are currently restricted to their homes and the internet to look for their new property. Accordingly, marketing needs to be high quality, immersive and engaging. Beautiful spaces, high quality photography, floorplans and if possible, videos are all essential to this effort. Make sure you give your property the best chance of standing out in today’s market.