Meet The Team Series – Hilary Camden

We are so fortunate to have a large and multitalented team here at Interior Makeovers. Each of our team members bring a different style and skill which is necessary with interior decorating or styling/staging. Each home is different and has its own uniqueness. We thought we would let you all get up close and meet the wonderful people that make Interior Makeovers.

    • NAME: Hilary Camden
    • TITLE: Owner/Director

Currently, I would say my favourite style at the moment is …Sexy, Edgy and Dramatic! I love rich textures and mixing together velvets and furs particularly this season, as it gets colder it brings a sense of warmth and glamour to any space. Stylish pieces with mother of pearl inlays and a touch of gold for that luxurious feel. Of course this style only suits certain properties so when the brief is requiring this type of look and feel, that’s when I’m completely in my zone!



  • FAVOURITE KEY PIECE OR ITEM: Would have to be a buffet or drinks cabinet. They are perfect for completing any room. This set would be my favourite; mother of pearl inlayed buffet with matching drinks cabinet



  • FAVOURITE FOOD: Hands down CHOCOLATE! Which I know will surprise most people!
  • FAVOURITE MUSIC: R & B. House, Soul
  • STAR SIGN: Scorpio
  • HOBBIES: I am an avid runner and have been for many years now, having been to New York and completing the New York Marathon was probably one of my biggest highlights! I also love Yoga,  training at the gym, reading and cooking. There is nothing like a real home cooked meal.

stay tuned to meet our next stylist…