The Interior Makeovers Difference

The Interior Makeovers Difference Everyone can appreciate a thoughtfully designed space, a design that not only makes the space feel large and more functional but also enhance a feeling. We are sure that you have walked into a room with furniture in it that was once vacant and thought “wow this space is actually larger than I thought it was”. But choosing the right size furniture isn’t all that’s required.

At Interior Makeovers, we start all of our projects with a consultation, we need to see the property; what it is and who it’s going to be sold to. Every home has its own selling features that need to be enhanced because not every home is for every person. One of main reasons of styling is to neutralise the home in a friendly and inviting way so that it will appeal to a larger audience whilst still telling a story and a feeling.

A perfect example is a one-bedroom Villa in East Gosford; you’re not going to have family looking at the property as its not suitable, but you will however have a woman who lives on her own and enjoys her peace and quiet. Or a man who wants the space to be practical and grown up, perhaps a trendy couple who love to walk to the boutique shops and restaurants, or even a retiree who enjoys walking in the park.

Now how are you going to market your property to the right audience? Well that is exactly where we come in. Our team is a collective of different types of people; mums, daughters, first homeowners, renovators, parents and pet parents. Each of us has years of experience and have been in hundreds of people’s homes a year. Our unique team bring not only experience but a multitude of style. Your home is your largest asset, so hand it over to our professional and incredible team, sit back and don’t worry – our team can cover it.