Meet The Team Series – Julie Bromwich

Part two of our team series introduces us to Julie Bromwich; owner and director behind the styling company Interior Makeovers.

    • NAME: Julie Bromwich
    • TITLE: Owner/Director

I have always loved a Coastal natural look, utilising chunky timber, whites and unique statement pieces. Although I wish my house looked like a luxurious coastal retreat, most days it is filled with teenagers so that crisp white goes out the window. Luckily when they decide to flop on my linen lounge to watch the footy, its completely washable! (saving grace with children) We are very lucky that we get to style so many different properties in different styles, it means I get to have a play with everything!



  • FAVOURITE COLOUR: Orange & red.. Lipstick that is, and I love a splash of colour when styling!
  • FAVOURITE MATERIAL: (wood, timber, cane etc) Hands down wood for me, it just softens any room
  • FAVOURITE KEY PIECE OR ITEM: At work, I just love everything we buy, and cant wait for our new Naga pieces from Uniqwa. I just love a pot with greenery too. At home I have a few favourites, I did buy myself a beautiful print whilst in isolation from Jai Vasicek and I’m in love with it!



  • FAVOURITE FOOD: Sushi & Seafood win hands down, but to be honest I am a sucker for any food as long as I get to wash it down with a glass of bubbles!
  • FAVOURITE MUSIC: In the car its love song dedication for me, I find it so soothing, yet after dark give me a dance tune anytime.
  • STAR SIGN: Well I have always been an Aries, and apparently now thanks to NASA I am Pisces…
  • HOBBIES: My kids laugh at that question as they always remember me telling them I used to collect stamps at their age. Now I am stoked to get a walk on the beach with husband John and Daisy our Staffy, and if long lunches are called a hobby, then that’s me for sure!

stay tuned to meet our next stylist…