Meet The Team Series – Maxine Bagus

We have met the beautiful directors and masterminds behind the business of Interior Makeovers and this next chapter takes us to the heart – our stylist. First up is Maxine; interior designer and stylist. Maxine is certainly the heart, having been with the business for more than 5 years and being an integral part of the businesses growth and the elevated designs.

    • NAME: Maxine Bagus
    • TITLE: Interior Designer, Stylist

At the moment I am loving a mixture of modern farmhouse and contemporary Coastal! I am also a massive lover of monochromatic, it is just so elegant and crisp. I have incorporated these features into my own home and like to add them into my styling projects where I can. The coastal elements of white, timber and coastal artworks is what I love most. I feel these classic coastal elements cross over with modern farmhouse as both of these styles lend themselves to chunky timber tables, high ceilings, feature barn doors and of course the blended style of living – bringing the outdoors in. In a home these styles bring me so much joy and a sense of calm, I strive to one day build my dream home and incorporate these touches throughout.



  • FAVOURITE COLOUR: My favourite colour is always changing with the seasons but I can never go past that perfect blush pink. I like to add pops of colour into my styling using beautiful rugs, cushions and artwork rather than key furniture pieces as popular colours are forever changing.
  • FAVOURITE MATERIAL: Always a natural timber lover but also love beautiful linen pieces whether its a lounge, dining chair or bed linen. I feel it really softens a space and adds a sense of luxury.
  • FAVOURITE KEY PIECE OR ITEM: I love chucky statement mirrors, they provide the sense of warmth and space within any room. A great mirror is a feature on its own! My favourite piece at the moment would be the Sarah Ellison “Huggy Chair” a sculptural armchair that feels like a hug, yes please!! And lastly adding texture, colour and interest…. a vintage Turkish rug!



  • FAVOURITE FOOD: Chocolate of course
  • FAVOURITE MUSIC: Im always listening to the radio whilst driving and tend to enjoy most of the trending, I love a whole range of different music but Queen B has had my heart since I was young!
  • STAR SIGN: Aquarius
  • HOBBIES: I love all things crafty! As a new mum it makes me so excited to do these things with my daughter and I can’t wait to share them with her as she gets older.



Stay tuned to meet our next stylist…