Bathroom Bliss

Although buyers will look at a property in its entirety before deciding whether or not to purchase it, there are certain areas of a house that may bear more scrutiny than others. Those specific area’s are the kitchen and bathrooms. Both of these areas are large tickets items where you spend a great deal of time. An ideal bathroom exudes a clean, tranquil, and comfortable ambience, this is a space that you use first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It’s a space that you want to be gentle and relaxing, it’s also a part of the house that will be seen by friends, family members, and other visitors.

At the moment with all of us spending so much time at home and in particular paying closer attention to hygiene and hand washing, now is a great time to transform that everyday bathroom into a calming home spa.

  • Neutralise the Bathroom
  • Clear out any clutter and non-essential belongings, this includes going through the numerous bottles of moisturiser and shampoo you’ve managed to accumulate. Leaving a neutral yet inviting ambience behind. Try to think of the functional neutrality of a hotel and try to create this same atmosphere at home.

    • Give the Room a Deep Cleaning

    Because it’s used so frequently, the bathroom can quickly become one of the dirtiest areas of your home. Purchase some specialised bathroom cleaning products such as grout cleaner and mould remover. Pay special attention to water stains on chrome fittings or mirrors, which will need a special polish. Its a punish to do but trust us, it’s absolutely worth it!.

    • Take Care of Basic Maintenance

    In addition to cleaning up your bathroom, whilst you have the little extra time, take it and it to fix any repairs that you’ve been putting off. Fix any leaks and repair drawers and cupboards for a clean and functional space.

    • Open up the Space

    Even if your bathroom is naturally small, there are a few ways to create the illusion of more space. You can install a large mirror on one side of the room, for example. This will open up the room and make the space look twice as big. Another option is to give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral colour.

    • Enhance Space with Lighting

    Dim lighting will also make your bathroom look small and unappealing. Install new lighting fixtures if necessary, show off the bathroom’s features and give the room a shot of energy. If the lighting is too dull, then surfaces can look dirty and feel cold, with bright lighting they will sparkle!

    • Create a Fresh Style

    With a clean, neutral space to work with you can then create an appealing style for your bathroom. Get rid of old, used towels and purchase some fresh new towels (there is nothing as good as a fresh plush set of towel other then fresh sheets!). You can take hand towels, roll them, and stack them beside the basin. An elegant flower arrangement on the vanity and a scented candle can transform a simple bathroom into a sophisticated spa.

    Being so lucky to see so many beautiful bathrooms daily, here are some of our favourites!